Alarmist Chinese coverage of MERS – Counterproductive?

BY ELIZABETH ZHANG Aside from the recent tragedy of the Eastern Star shipping accident and the unsurprising daily glamour coverage of China’s economic boons, one item has invaded the news waves with particularly sustained intensity. The arrival of MERS-coV’s (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome-coronavirus) patient zero in Huizhou of the Guangdong province has since carved out … Continue reading Alarmist Chinese coverage of MERS – Counterproductive?

Empathy in Global Health Journalism

BY MICHAELLA BAKER There is a 1 in 13.3 million chance of contracting Ebola in America this year.[1] In fact, it is more likely to die from a shark attack and from a lightning strike than from Ebola in America.[2] Yet many Americans learned about the disease, feared the disease, and took seemingly necessary precautions … Continue reading Empathy in Global Health Journalism