Thailand: A Model for Migrant Healthcare

BY AKHIL UPNEJA At a time when oppressive regimes are committing particularly heinous human rights violations, governments across the world are refusing to welcome refugees and migrants. Even in those nations that do accept migrants, accessing affordable health care is becoming an increasingly important issue. Thailand stands out as a leader in these respects. With … Continue reading Thailand: A Model for Migrant Healthcare

Family Planning in Refugee Settings

BY HOLLY ROBINSON Sixty-one million people needed humanitarian assistance in 2012.1 The health of these refugees is often thought of as a short-term problem that can be solved by providing only food and water, and the goal is often to sustain refugee populations until they are able to move to a more permanent living situation. It is easy … Continue reading Family Planning in Refugee Settings

Mental Health of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

BY FARAH AL HADID Many refugees that cross the border are young children, escaping violent conditions in Syria. Source: European Commission DG ECHO When Syrian refugees cross the border to Jordan, their physical injuries are clearly evident. The mental injuries that they have incurred, on the other hand, are far less apparent.1 It is estimated … Continue reading Mental Health of Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Syrian Refugee Crisis

BY GRACE YI Since 2011, over 12 million Syrian citizens have been displaced by the Syrian civil war: around 7.6 million citizens have been displaced within the country, while 4 million are seeking refuge abroad[i]. In 2015 alone, more than 500,000 people have fled to Europe, which is now struggling to manage its worst refugee … Continue reading Syrian Refugee Crisis