Trump’s Healthcare Proposals

BY EMMA PHELPS Although Donald Trump promised to “not let people die in the streets” throughout his campaign,1 his healthcare proposals will increase the number of Americans without healthcare coverage and make insurance unaffordable for many low and middle-income Americans. He has laid out his bare-bones plan to repeal Obamacare, “modernize” Medicare and “maximize flexibility … Continue reading Trump’s Healthcare Proposals

United States: Hippocratic Loyalties and Unwilling Judges

BY MAX GOLDBERG St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka, CA. Source: Wikimedia Commons While primary care physicians play a pivotal role in determining levels of disability benefits in the United States, their perspectives are largely ignored in both media accounts and scholarly examinations of national and state-level disability benefits. Drawing jointly from interviews I conducted with … Continue reading United States: Hippocratic Loyalties and Unwilling Judges