Bangladesh: In Practice

BY SREEJA KODALI Welcoming decorations at a Ramadan celebration in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Source: Sreeja Kodali. Last summer I had the immense privilege of travelling to Dhaka, Bangladesh to assist in the implementation of a new epidemiological study from Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) at the National Institute of Neuro-Sciences (NINS). The study, funded by the National … Continue reading Bangladesh: In Practice

Transforming the Narrative of Bangladesh’s ‘Mini-Deserts’

BY MINH VU Source: Securing Water for Food. Situated on the Ganges Delta and the Bay of Bengal, the nation of Bangladesh is constantly devastated by flooding from the 230 rivers surrounding it. Pockets of farming villages often have their growing crops and farmland destroyed by the torrential water, forcing families to leave in search … Continue reading Transforming the Narrative of Bangladesh’s ‘Mini-Deserts’

Dengue Fever: Endemic to Epidemic

BY SARAH SPAULDING Aedes aegypti, the dengue vector, drawing blood from a human. Source: Wikipedia. Today, a bite from the wrong mosquito can cause severe fever, organ failure, and even death. No, this mosquito is not carrying malaria as you may have thought, it is carrying dengue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue … Continue reading Dengue Fever: Endemic to Epidemic