Tanzania: The Girls’ Group

BY SOFIA LAPIDES-WILSON Source: Lapides-Wilson The alarm went off at 6, and I dragged myself out of bed, ate the three pieces of white bread that constituted breakfast, and headed out to school. The walk to get there took about twenty minutes. I treked over a brook, through corn, banana and coffee fields, past small … Continue reading Tanzania: The Girls’ Group

Questioning Fundamental Assumptions

BY RICHARD SKOLNIK One of the most important lessons that I have learned professionally is the importance of questioning fundamental assumptions. This lesson arose on a number of occasions, both when I worked at the World Bank and afterwards. One of the most interesting examples of this was the work we did on HIV at … Continue reading Questioning Fundamental Assumptions

Global HIV/AIDS Activism in the Digital World

BY CAITLIN PURDOME In the United States, media coverage of the HIV/AIDS health crisis is no longer a priority due to an increasing perception that it is a manageable condition rather than a fatal diagnosis. Nevertheless, the virus remains a global health threat with millions of newly infected people and deaths each year.1 HIV infection … Continue reading Global HIV/AIDS Activism in the Digital World

Beyond ARVs: Prescribing Housing to end AIDS in New York City

BY JULIET GLAZER.Photography by Ginny Schubert. The relationship between homelessness and health has been widely documented. One aspect of this relationship came to light in the late 1980s as the fight against the AIDS virus began. According to the Centers for Disease Control, people who are homeless are far more likely to be HIV positive. … Continue reading Beyond ARVs: Prescribing Housing to end AIDS in New York City